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The Affiliates of Studio Night Flight

Lewis Green/Nathan Smith's Official Business Blog

Nathan Smith's (aka, Lewis Green's) official
business blog.

Stargate Event Horizon JKA Mod

The website hosting one of the
top Jedi Academy Stargate and HL2 mods
on the internet.


Enyoworx is the home of Stargate Olympus
and several other written works
by Mathyos of
Studio Night Flight.

Sheppard's Radio Station

The Radio Station of JohnSheppard of Studio Night Flight.

Trust No1 Radio

Trust No1 Radio is an online radio station
hosted by JohnSheppard of Horizon Studios (Joel Davison)
and JohnSheppard of Studio Night Flight (Tony Stark of Horizon Studios)
taking us through the looking glass at the paranormal
activities in our own world.