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 A Place In Time

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Cameron Mitchell
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PostSubject: A Place In Time   Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:05 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm proud to present the Sci-Fi Network's VERY FIRST youtube group. It's dedicated to Warp Gate 0012, and whether or not it will be a monument to the ending series, or if it'll be just another road to reading new episodes, that will be decided later.
Stargate Andromeda rides on whether or not WG0012 is concluded (I don't want to say canceled).
Here's the URL to the youtube group.

Next topic of discussion, is I want to announce a few things, some of them just insight. First off, Battlestar Galactica was inspired by a book series called Lost Fleet written by, Jack Campbell. Another book series, is Honor Harrington written by, David Webers, which is supposed to have white knuckled space battles.

Next, I have learned something about BSG. The planet Kobol, was derived from the word, Kolob, which is mentioned in The Book of Abraham (In The Pearl of Great Price), a book in the LDS (Mormon) Church, which Glen A. Larson (creator of original BSG) is a member of, go fig.

Anyway, that's the message for today. As for the next episode of Warp Gate 0012, I know the last one was a bit stingy, pretty short. But I'm working on the next one, which should be pretty big. A sneak-peak: Lewis takes us through the true events that led the group to be stranded out in space.
The working title is, "Of Those Who Say Nothing," but that could change. Anyway...
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A Place In Time
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