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 A little bit about Stargate Universe

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PostSubject: A little bit about Stargate Universe   Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:40 pm

I've finally got stuff on Stargate Universe, and now I"m passing it on, so here we go Razz

1. The writing for it will begin once the two SG-1 movies are out.
2. It will be centered around the ninth chevron.
3. It has a lot to do with space ships.

1. It will take place in a Lantean ship.
2. It will take place alongside Atlantis, not in another new Universe.
3. The Lantean ship will have a Stargate that can go to any Gate in the Universe.

That's what I've got, if anyone has anything else, go ahead and post it here, you don't need to register to post however, but members will receive news letters for new episodes and gists of coming episodes. So post, post, POST!!!
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A little bit about Stargate Universe
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