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 Amanda Tapping Leaves Stargate

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PostSubject: Amanda Tapping Leaves Stargate   Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:45 pm

Okay, Gateworld released an interview with Joseph Mallozzi about Amanda Tapping's (Samantha Carter's) continued role in the Stargate franchise, I quote the entire interview now,
Quote :
Originally posted by Gateworld.com:
After eleven years on the Stargate franchise, actress Amanda Tapping ("Samantha Carter") will leave her role as a regular cast member on Stargate Atlantis to pursue her own show this year. Sanctuary begins filming 13 episodes for SCI FI Channel in March (story, interview).

What will become of Atlantis and her well-established character? Today GateWorld spoke with Joseph Mallozzi, executive producer and show-runner (with Paul Mullie) for Atlantis's current season and upcoming fifth season.

"We love the Samantha Carter character and have always enjoyed writing for her," Mallozzi said. "She was a great addition to Atlantis's fourth season and, while she will be missed, it's not as if we're closing the door on her. Carter will remain a major player in the Stargate universe as well as a guest star on Atlantis's fifth season."

Tapping will appear in the season premiere, "Search and Rescue."

Mallozzi has hinted on his blog in recent weeks that there will be at least one more big change to the show's cast, which is set to be announced by the network in a press release this Monday. That cast member is apparently the base's new commanding officer, based on comments Mallozzi made today in his blog:

"Carter will be one of a number of familiar faces that will be popping up in the Pegasus Galaxy in Season Five -- including a new commander. Remember way back, when I said we had considered a handful of possible candidates for the command position at the beginning of Season Four? Well, this person made that short list then, and we're very excited about his/her/its(?) addition to our cast of regulars."

The show's producers had hoped to keep the actress full-time for the new season, which presented the actress with a difficult decision -- which she speaks about in part two of GateWorld's interview, coming tomorrow.

"As recently as November-ish, I believe I stated our desire to have Amanda return for the show's fifth season," Mallozzi said. "That said, I can't say we were surprised by her decision. Clearly, the Sanctuary project is very important to her and Amanda was in the unenviable position of having to choose between two productions dear to her.

"Still, at the end of the day, I think that things have turned out positively for both shows. More on that in Monday's press release."

Sanctuary will certainly benefit from Tapping's talents, as well as those of several other people who have worked on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. "A lot of the people involved in the production worked on Stargate. In many ways, they're like family to us," Mallozzi said. "This is no doubt a very exciting time for them and we wish them nothing but the best as they prepare for the challenges of a 13-episode production schedule."

What of the rest of the Stargate Atlantis cast -- including Jewel Staite, who joined the show in a recurring role alongside Tapping last year? And who will be taking command of the base? What about Carson Beckett, who Mallozzi has hinted in his blog may appear in Season Five?

"The press release coming out on Monday should answer most fan questions," Mallozzi said.

Keep your browser locked on GateWorld this Monday for the big announcement! New episodes of Stargate Atlantis air Fridays at 10 p.m. (9 Central) on SCI FI Channel in the United States.
That's the interview, any thoughts?
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Amanda Tapping Leaves Stargate
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