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 We've Sprung A Leak!

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PostSubject: We've Sprung A Leak!   Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:56 pm

On www.eliteroleplaying.com , information was given about the Ark of Truth movie was leaked, an unfinished copy. I quote from Joseph Mallozi's blog,
Quote :
Also something to think about is the fact that while having an early version available online may seem like a good thing for Stargate fans anxiously awaiting the DVD’s release, it is a very, very bad thing for Stargate and could adversely impact the future of the franchise. I know, I know. You guys are huge fans and most of you will buy the DVD regardless. However, there are many fans and first-time viewers in particular who will not. And, bottom line: if the DVD sales are undermined by this early release, then that could well effect the possibility of future SG-1 movies.

To those of you complaining that this is exactly like the aforementioned Adrift and Lifeline situations or the early release of Doppelganger - No, it isn’t. In the case of Adrift and Lifeline, the version that found its way online could have been one of the hundreds of screeners sent out to critics all over North America. In the case of Doppelganger, iTunes mistakenly released a copy of the episode a week early. In the case of The Ark of Truth, however, it was someone in a position of trust (which is kind of sad). And, unlike, say, the hundreds of North American television critics and their family members, or the countless subscribers to iTunes, that “circle of trust” (apologies to Robert DeNiro’s Jack Byrnes) aint that big. Someone, either out of spite or simple sheer stupidity, stole a copy of the unfinished movie, pirated it, and put it online - essentially putting the future of SG-1 at risk - and there’s a good chance this individual will be caught. And when said jerk/idiot/criminal IS caught, here’s hoping they receive a good legal ass-kicking.
Any thoughts?
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We've Sprung A Leak!
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