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 We Need Your Magical Powers To Lift the Curses...From Our Guns.

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Cameron Mitchell
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PostSubject: We Need Your Magical Powers To Lift the Curses...From Our Guns.   Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:58 pm

What was once a resurrection of my first series I had ever written on the internet, has now turned into a salute to Michael Crichton who has recently died. I won't lie, there were ties between Stargate Andromeda and the Andromeda Strain. From here on out, I will be finishing this series quickly, with about four or five episodes in total. This would make it a miniseries, but not in the sense that it's a 3+ hour long movie, but a short series. Anyway, I'm currently working on the third episode, under the working title "The Fifth Plague," and that will be our third of five episodes.
The reason I've decided to cut this series short is because I have a BIG idea for a real life work that could be a VERY powerful asset to me in the future, and I want to devote my time and effort into it.
Consequently, this means Warp Gate will be a little dry to, in the sense that new episodes will not be released frequently. Bright side of this is that you get more quality episodes this way. I tell you, when my fingers hit the keyboard after months of not writing Warp Gate, my mind just wandered with ideas, that's how the episode Terra came to fruition.
So I ask you all to please be patient and bare with me.
I will give you another inside look at the behind-the-scenes Sci-Fi Network however. I believe JohnSheppard's Stargate Hathos will be arriving sooner or later, so we have that. Alongside another series that I'm not sure I should mention. It's not one of my works, but one our other members, and I tell you, I'm excited about this one Very Happy
So, hang in there everyone, we're in for a wild ride Razz
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We Need Your Magical Powers To Lift the Curses...From Our Guns.
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