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 I Like This Ship, It's Exciting!

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Cameron Mitchell
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PostSubject: I Like This Ship, It's Exciting!   Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:38 pm

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!!! Very Happy
Okie-dokie, today, I'll be starting off with some advertising for the site. As you may or may not have seen, I added a forum under the headlining series' category entitle, "The Ark." This is a series created by our very own Mathyos, and it looks very promising Razz
Next, I went to go see 007: Quantum of Solace at the midnight-primere, and IT WAS EPIC!!! Bond struggles through the movie over the death of his kinda girlfriend-ish acquaintance, Vespa from the previous movie, Casino Royale. Overall, I'd give it a 4.8/5. The only reason I knocked 0.2 points off is for one reason, it was entertaining, and I mean REALLY entertaining, but it just wasn't very deep.
Next in line is what I saw in the list of trailers while waiting to see the new James Bond movie that night. One of which was a movie called "Valkyrie," which looked pretty good might I add. Look it up. But the most interesting part, is that we FINALLY have gotten a new look at the new Star Trek movie, which seems to be coming out May 8, 2009, which just bums me out. GET THE LET OUT J. J. ABRAMS!!!
But to see the newest trailer in HD quality, check out the old trailer, or want to see the glorious second trailer in different qualities, go to this link.
And what would be a bulletin without my two cents on post-election events, hm? It seems that President-Elect Barack Obama, and previous opponent, Senator John McCain have promised to work together to help our country. Even through I was a little upset at Obama's victory over McCain, I am pleased that Obama is smart enough to put the immaturity of a lot of campaign fans aside and join together with his old opponent (no pun intended).
Well, everyone, that's today's bulletin. See you around Very Happy
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I Like This Ship, It's Exciting!
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