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 Lewis Green's Screenwriter Survival Guide

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PostSubject: Lewis Green's Screenwriter Survival Guide   Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:40 pm

This will assist all who want to become screenwriters, basically the first stepping stones to be set on your path to greatness!!! Very Happy I really hope this helps Razz

- General Screenwriting Stuff -

- Celtx Screenwriting Software
This is the screenwriting software that I endorse ALL THE WAY!!! I use it for ALL of my screenplay and teleplay writing needs. It's helpful and easy, with SEVERAL templates for the title page and things like slug-lines and dialogue.

- A Screenwriter's Guidebook
The ultimate how-to guide on how to write screen/teleplays. This will show you what and where to put things, and even give examples. But, never forget, as all the great screenwriters say, "learn the rules, then break them and them your own."

- Screenplay Examples and Samples
Bunches and BUNCHES of screenplays of your favorite movies for you to see examples of how the true blue screenwriters do their job.

- Sci-Fi Writers Resources -

- Sci-Fi Screenplay Examples and Samples
Bunches and BUNCHES of science fiction screenplays of your favorite movies for you to see examples of how the tru blue sci-fi screenwriters do their job.

- Atomic Rocket
Atomic Rocket is a website that rationalizes ALL science fiction technology and concepts. If you're a fan of the naturalistic kind of science fiction in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, then check this site out!

- One last Thing -

- Ex-Isle Forums
This is a MASSIVE forum for many MANY screenwriters. Several of the biggest hotshots from the television shows you know and love are here, but, unfortunately, don't expect them to proofread your work. it brings in legal issues, although, I'm always willing to lend an opinion Very Happy

That's pretty much Lewis Green's Screenwriter's Survival Guide. Hope this helps Smile
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Lewis Green's Screenwriter Survival Guide
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