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 Teaser Trailers (Episodes 12-15)

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PostSubject: Teaser Trailers (Episodes 12-15)   Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:40 pm

Here are the teaser trailers for 12-15. Check it out.

12 - Birdcage - The conclusion to Birdcage Part 1.

13 - Wish You were Here - The gang discovers that, while they were trapped in a dead system, the Valkyries have been busy. The Valkyries have attacked and slaughtered several military installations and civilian communities, essentially creating a galactic genocide. The gang realizes that they must speed up plans and go to the weapon immediately. Doing just that, the gang finds a rotating wheel satellite (Forerunner design), housing an environment, similar to mountainous areas in Utah. It also houses a facility of unknown purpose. They spend the day searching and researching the entire station, not finding anything of interest until, George, brings up the question "if there is no need for centrifugal repulsion for artificial gravity (Rotating-Wheel Space Station Wiki), why is the station a wheel? Why not a simple, closed off, flat surface station (Like the Apollo or Military starships)?"

14 - Foreword - After days of screwing around on the Forerunner space station, the gang finally discovers a device of unknown function. Alone, and fiddling around with the new device, Lewis inadvertently activates a function of the strange object. A light engulfs him and he finds himself in the same station, yet it is still under construction. All that is mentioned of him in "History," comes to pass in a more detailed account. Things begin to make more sense and Lewis gets a firsthand view of what the Forerunners and Valkyries used to be like.

15 - Recoil - The galactic military realizes that they must focus their forces on stopping the ongoing genocide in the galaxy at the hands of the Valkyries, instead of keeping a constant guard on the new space station and Earth. Captain Artemis and Lieutenant Commander Kairo (From the first and second part of Birdcage) lead a rescue mission with a small group of soldiers and a transport ship to pull a group of survivors off of a dying planet under siege and take them to safety, hopefully boosting the morale of the humans in the galaxy, showing them that not all hope is lost, that they can still fight back.

16 - TBA

17 - TBA

18 - TBA

19 - TBA

20 - TBA (Movie)
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Teaser Trailers (Episodes 12-15)
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