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 A Slightly Altered History of My Writing

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PostSubject: A Slightly Altered History of My Writing   Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:45 am

I did this for a school assignment. To be honest, I kind of just BS'd it in five minutes or so, so go easy Wink
It usually takes time for someone to figure out what they want to do for a future career. The idea of your future career doesn't always fall into your lap, you have to look to look around, see your options. For me, it took me until I was thirteen, until I realized that I wanted to be a writer.
My decision to become a writer didn't come quickly, or easily. It was first started by several subtle events. Little things, like, seeing a favorite movie, and wondering how it was made. Or reading a book, and focusing, not just on the story, but the way that it was written.
One of the first things that inspired me to want to become writer, was seeing the show 30Rock—a comedy about the life of a television writer for an SNL-type TV-show. Seeing these writers do their jobs, even if it was a comedy show, made me wonder how a television show went about being created. I looked into the scripts first, seeing how they were written, what kind of format was used, the basics. Then, after several days of reading scripts to some of my favorite movies, I began to write a short story.
It took me a week, that's with figuring out a story, writing it with the proper format, and finding the time to even work on it. Once I had finished it, however, I decided to post it on the Internet, for feedback. I had created my own website and everything, ready to host this story, and the many others that would follow, excited to hear what others thought of my writing.
Traffic through my website was slow, but I did find readers. I got mostly decent feedback for the story I had written, so, I decided to write another.
I posted THAT one on my website, and more feedback came in. The site was still running slow, but I was getting better.
Eventually, I decided to advertise my writing a little more, going out to forums and spreading the word of a website, hosted by an amateur writer. Soon enough, the amount of visitors my site received, began to grow slowly.
With a growing amount of visitors, I decided I would need more than just two stories to entertain. So, I spent the next week planning out a much larger project. I had decided to start my own miniseries of scripts.
It took another week or two of brainstorming, but I finally had a pilot episode to post on my site. I received much more feedback for this script, still, mostly good things were said about the script. So, seeing this as fun, I wrote another script, and then another, and then another, creating my very first, well-received, web-series.
Currently, I am still writing that web-series. I have about eleven scripts done, the longest going for 45 pages, and am still writing more. I plan to go for 20.
The first script has over 100 views right now, so, I guess I have a few readers. This lead me to start doing some storyboard writing for video game mods on the Internet, and even do a little freelance work.
At first, I had always wondered what I would do when I was older. I wondered if I would ever find something I liked. Through these subtle events, I learned that no one knows immediately what they want to do for their career.
It's like swimming in a pool. You don't just jump in. You stick your toe in and test the temperature of the water. Then, you slowly ease yourself in.
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A Slightly Altered History of My Writing
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