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 Four Teens Arrested for School Bombing

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PostSubject: Four Teens Arrested for School Bombing   Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:36 am

The following is NOT a real article. I was asked to write this for my Journalism class. I was given a list of facts and quotes for an article about a pipe bomb going off in a local school.
The following names and events are fictional and are not connected to anyone or any even in any way.


On Wednesday at 4:30 p.m., a homemade pipe bomb went off in the Social Studies Department building in Jefferson High School, blowing out a bank of lockers.
That Friday, four male teenagers, a Jefferson sophomore, a Jefferson graduate, and two boys from other Central City Union High School District schools, were arrested by Central City Police. The four were charged with possession, making, transporting, and igniting explosives.
The local pipe shop was able to identify a piece of pipe police found in the debris of the explosion. The local chemistry supply shop was able to identify the powder used in the explosives, as well as the ones who purchased the powder.
Sergeant John Fisher, Central city Police Department, handled the investigation.
“The boys apparently did not realize that there would be remains left from the bomb blast that could be identified, Fisher said.
After being held at the local police station, the boys were released to their parents to await their trial.
“The trial date has been set and the boys will appear before Superior Court Judge Sam Drysdale or one of his appointed assistants,” Fisher said.
“If they are found guilty, their parents will have to pay for the damage done at the school,” Bill Black, Principal of Jefferson High School said.
Principal Black is still discussing with the school board whether or not to expel the sophomore involved in the bombing. For now, the sophomore is suspended.
All though no one was injured in the blast, one girl, junior Mary Kim, had just walked past the lockers, on her way home, when the explosives went off. Kim was not harmed, neither were any surrounding classrooms. The only damages seem to be the lockers, pieces of which were blown into the teacher's parking lot on the west side of the school.
“I'm sure they will be expelled,” Kim said.
Causing damages up to $125,000, the pipe bomb was the first explosion in district history. The bomb, according to police reports, was intentionally detonated, rather than accidentally. After the blast, that section of the campus was locked down for two hours, until police could finish their work. The Social Studies Department remains deserted. It is not clear how long it will be until the section of the campus can be repaired.
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Four Teens Arrested for School Bombing
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