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 Does Anyone Want to Co-Write a Series With Me?

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PostSubject: Does Anyone Want to Co-Write a Series With Me?   Thu May 14, 2009 1:28 am

Hey, guys. I've been thinking, and I don't know if Warp Gate will either be cut short of if it will be finished. Either way, I won't have anything to do after it. So I was thinking about what I would do after this. I currently handle script writing, a bit of freelance writing, and a lot of personal projects, all on top of my everyday life.
I then read over a few episodes of Battlestar Prometheus and stuff, and realized that a lot of good things come from a bundle of ideas (like the new Star Trek movie, perhaps?), not just one mind. This is the same for TV-shows, and movies, and even novels.
So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in co-writing something with me? Like a series of scripts or novelizations, you know, the usual. This offer isn't exclusive to just one person (any number of people who want in are welcome), nor is it limited to the members of this site,. Anyone who's interested and is reading this, just drop me a line at gatebuilder.alpha@yahoo.com or just drop me a PM here.
Anyway, I have several ideas for stories and series, but if you have an idea for something and need a co-writer, just please, PLEASE drop me a line any time.
This offer doesn't ever expire, so if you are interested and it's like, months later, please still contact me Smile
Thanks for those of you who read this.
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Does Anyone Want to Co-Write a Series With Me?
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