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 Here's the Plan

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Cameron Mitchell
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PostSubject: Here's the Plan   Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:29 pm

You see, those of you who have stuck around the site for awhile will know that I haven't really published or released anything for some time now. I've come to a stance on that, and here it is. I've got school coming up in a week, which means back to work on school projects and homework, in other words, the devil's hands will once again be busied with the work of man, or whatever. I've also become lucky enough to have a talk with one of the producers of the upcoming movie 2012 (no lie). My older sister has a friend, who, well, has a friend who is that producer. She talked to me over email and the phone about all sorts of stuff people, like myself, must do if they want to become a director and screenwriter when they're out in the world.
So she's going to send me not only a list of fantastic books on the topics, but stay in contact with me so I have a connection to the film business, and she is also going to refer me to a guy who is fresh out of UCLA who is a screenwriter extraordinaire, which means more screenwriting lessons from a guy who has the stuff fresh on his mind. WOO!
But here's where I come to my decision. I've decided to stop releasing things on this website, for now. I may make something new to post here, or even reprise the series Warp Gate 0012, but for now I'm going to stop updating. This is not to say that I'm abandoning and/or shutting down this site. No, no, no. I'm going to keep the site up as not only a host and production site for my current writers and those to come, but also as sort of a portfolio for other stuff too. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will keep it up, and I'll still come by and help out those in need.
For now, I bid you all farewell.
I'll see you guys later Smile
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Here's the Plan
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