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 Prometheus Rising

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PostSubject: Prometheus Rising   Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:29 pm

This takes place right after season eight, it's a little adventure of the Prometheus.
Samantha Carter stood on the bridge of the Prometheus, staring out into the stars of a distant planet. She tried to remember the good old days of when SG-1 was still together. Teal'c was now with the free Jaffa, Colonel O'Neill was relieved of command from the SGC, and Daniel was headed to Atlantis, and now she was in the middle of space, testing the new systems of the Prometheus.
"Ma'am, we're ready to start the first hyper drive test," a Sergent said from one of the terminals by the Captain's chair.
"Thank you Sergent," Sam replied, sitting herself down into the Captain's chair, "make the jump to Earth."
The Prometheus circled around, out of high orbit above the planet, and jumped into hyperspace. Sam watched the blue waves of hyperspace fly past the ship. She missed the missions with SG-1, saving the galaxy from the evil of the Goa'uld.
"Colonel," the Sergent to her right started, "we're picking up a strange energy reading coming from outside of the ship."
"What?" Sam asked. But before she could finish her sentence, she, and the crew aboard the bridge were thrown out of their seats and crashed into the front window of the bridge. A crewman burst through the shield window of the bridge and Sam felt herself get thrown through the white lined star map in the back of the bridge as air started to quickly leave the bridge. She held on to one of the terminals as hard as she could, watching the Prometheus's fail safe enact as several metal bulkheads closed over the opening in the shield window.
Sam tried to get up off the floor, but she realized several pieces of the star map were embedded slightly into her back. She looked at the front of the bridge, seeing the survivors getting up off the bridge. One struggled up and ran to help Sam up, "are you okay?"
"No, but I will be once I know what happened," she replied.
The crewman who helped her up ran to one of the terminals and started to read the signals it had taken before the apparent system crash. Sam looked over at one of the shattered screens of the terminal she was still gripped onto, seeing a long ribbon of blood running down the side of her head.
"Sergent, did you figure out what happened?" she asked, slowly prying her hands off of the terminal and making her way towards the terminal the crewman was at.
"It looks like our course took us through the singularity of a black hole," the crewman started.
"But hyperspace isn't affected by black holes," one of the Majors pointed out, propping himself up with a pipe that had fallen off of the ceiling.
"We made this hyper drive ourselves though," Sam started, "the Asgard helped us build the first one, but we thought we could enhance it."
"Apparently not," the Major added.
Sam pulled the sleeve of her jacket over her hand and pressed it against the opening on her head, "are we still in hyperspace?"
"It doesn't look like it," the crewman said from the frozen terminal.
"Can you figure out where we are from the star map?" Sam asked.
"No ma'am," the crewman replied.
"Wait," another crewman started, raising herself off of the floor, "so we're lost?"
"Are we picking up any planets? If we can find one, we can just land and gate out of here," Sam said.
"We're not picking up any planets," the crewman who lifted herself off of the ground said from one of the surviving terminals along the wall.
"Okay," the Major said, "we're not in trouble now, we can just wait until they realize we're missing, and the Daedalus will come and pick us up."
"The Daedalus is stationed in the Pegasus Galaxy for the next few months, they aren't coming," the crewman from the first terminal said.
"Okay," Sam said, holding her sleeve to her head, "we're in trouble."
Thanks everyone!
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Prometheus Rising
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