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PostSubject: Ripley   Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:19 am


The following show, "Aliens Evolution" is rated M 15+
Viewer discresion is adviced.
It contains course language, violence, and rabbid lawngnomes.


It was ten years ago that the United Space Military decided to run a secret genetic program,
aiming at creating the perfect mix between Alien and Human.

They succeeded, and created a hybrid, it killed the Queen, and thought Ripley #8 was its mother..
Ripley killed the hybrid, and landed on Earth aboard The Betty, a cargo freighter.

They bought something else..
A lone egg in the bridge..
Not a normal egg..
This one was a hybrid..
More human than alien..

It killed everyone..
It took control of the ship..
It flew to the closest colony..
It implanted sympiotes into everyone..

The Aliens have risen again.......


U.S.M Ohio
Quatico Quadrant

"Buckle up Marines! We're goin in! Oorah!", a sergeant yells at his marines in the back of an APC held in a dropship,
"Oorah!!", yell the marines as they lower the bars and ready to go to battle.

Military Installation

An APC flies through the air and lands, continuing on its path, it comes to a large gate, it opens itself and the APC drives through.
The marines raise the bars and grab their M41A's, loading them, "So.. Who thinks this mission is bogus!", a private yells out,
"I'll tell you whats bogus Malone! Your face!", the sergeant yells back, "No need to be an asshole Sarge!", Malone replies sarcastically,
"Why don't both of you shut the fuck up?", another marine says as the APC comes to a halt outside a door, "Ok Marines, Saddle up!",
the sergeant yells as he opens the door of the APC, himself and the marines jumping out and running towards the opening door,
Malone walks in first, stepping in a goo, "I think we were beaten here!", he yells as several dark creatures run towards them,
the marines fire upon them, their acidic light grey blood flies against the walls and onto the ground, "Lets keep moving! We've got
someone to find!", the sergeant yells as he continues running down the hallway with the marines, screams come from behind, a female
marine lies on the ground, a hole through her head, bleeding all over the floor, "Ahh Shit!", Malone says, "Were soo fucked Sarge!", another

The marines continue down the hallway, "Its like Camp Kanos all over again Sarge!", a corporal says as they come to a door, "Shut the fuck up
everyone!", Sarge says as he opens the door slowly, revealing a cryo-tube sitting in the middle of the room, "Cover the door you three,
everyone else with me", Sarge says as he gets closer to the cryo-tube, "How longs it been here doc?", he asks, "About 223 years Sergeant",
the doctor replies, lowering his pistol and entering codes into the console beside the cryo-tube.

"Who's in there Sarge?", Malone asks, as he turns around to have an alien standing infront of him, drooling and snarling at him, "Oh Shit", Malone
says softly, as the aliens tongue flies out and puts a hole in his forehead, everyone begins firing on the alien, its blood flies everywhere.
A giant hole is made in the wall, and aliens begin coming through, "Keep firing! Not much longer!", Sarge yells as he stares at the doctor,
"She is ready", the doctor says as the cryo-tube opens to reveal a female.

"What the fuck! Thats Ripley! This is some whacked shit!", the corporal says.

To be Continued.....
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