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 Dial It Up!!!

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Cameron Mitchell
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PostSubject: Dial It Up!!!   Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:22 pm

Okay everyone. Things have been busy over the last few weeks. My screenplay is going well. I'm on my, like... eight draft Sad but it's doing well Smile and shouldn't take much longer.
For now, let's talk about what's happened to the site itself. We got quite the kick to the soft stuff, a few days ago. The site, made it literally impossible to login, or post guest messages. Somehow, the problem resolved itself, so we're okay for now.
One week from tomorrow, Stargate Atlantis comes out for its fifth season. It promises to be full of action, adventure, drama, and much more Very Happy
Hancock came out on the second. Besides the language, it was a very decent movie. Quite funny. The Wall Street Journal, apparently hated it however, saying that its story, "wandered around." I agree, but I still like it. I would definitely recommend it. four stars out of five.
Battlestar Galactica comes back for the second half of its last season sooner or later. I'm pissed at the mid-season finale's ending at the moment. They better have some good stuff coming. This brings me to our next subject. A prequel series to Battlestar Galactica. Its name is Caprica. It portrays James(?) Adama, who is a lawyer, fighting the creation of the Cylons. The series also brings up the origin of the name, Cylon. No idea what the letters stood for, but it was strange. I believe that series is to come out a bit after Galactica ends. In my honest opinion, it doesn't seem all that great. Here's the link to its wikipedia page.
And with that, we're done.
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Dial It Up!!!
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