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 The Shape of Things To Come...

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PostSubject: The Shape of Things To Come...   Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:05 am

OK, Warp Gate has reached its seventh episode by now, and I've finally decided FOR NOW, what I want to do with it. What I'll do, is finish it on one season, and maybe revise it on another date. But here's the game plan.
- Warp Gate 0012 to finish
...And that's about it...
But for those of you who've been to the site, since the VERY beginning, you'll know about the series, Stargate Aurora (later known as Stargate Orion (Cuz I was bored)), and how it was the headlining series of the site, and the whole reason the site was named, the new sg1 in its username. But, for those of you who loved/hated with a vile rage, Stargate Aurora, you'll be happy to hear that after Warp Gate is finished, I'll be creating a re-imagined version of Stargate Aurora. The working-title is Stargate Andromeda, or Stargate Half Life, but it's still in the planning stages.
Now, I don't know how long Warp Gate will last for this season, because, despite the ending of the last episode I released, there's still a big 'ol, round 'ol, crazy 'ol BOAT LOAD of story left, and not a lot of time and space to put it into. So, bare with me.
Game plan 2.0
- Warp Gate to conclude, whenever...
- Either a novelized, or screenwritten re-imagined series of Stargate Andromeda
- Go to Hollywood, take out George Clooney, and hang out with Amanda Tapping, if she's there (you heard me)
So anyway, that's the news for our humble, little site. But, what's happening in the real world you ask? You weren't asking that? Well... screw you I'm talking about the real world now...
Crap, what was I gonna type?...
Battlestar Galactica returns February 2009 and Stargate: Atlantis ends on the same month, to be replaced by a series of movies, and Stargate Universe, which is apparently going to be aimed at a younger, hipper, groovier audience (not the hippies Very Happy (No Stargate for them Razz)).
In the non-sci-fi world, McCain (the Republican Nominee for the President of the United States of America), chose his running mate, the Governor of Alaska. Her first name escaped me, but I know it was Something Palin. Anyway, she's brought hope back to the Republican party.
And here's what I think of Obama's campaign!!!
So... that's the news. SO LONG SUCHUHS!!!!!!!
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The Shape of Things To Come...
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