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 Some Publicity

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Cameron Mitchell
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PostSubject: Some Publicity   Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:05 am

Okay, so I've been taking a look at the history of our humble little website and realized that we are a tiny little grain of sand on a beach that is basically the size of Russia. After beating on some innocent people that I had never met in my life out of rage, it came to me.
"Hey, stupid, expand your horizons!!!"
Now I took this several ways, one was to try and find different forms of writing, BEH!!! Incorrect. The second was to try and raise physical land terrain until I was surrounded by horizons, which sounded fun at first, but proved much more difficult than previously advertised. So I sat myself down and tried to find some ways to help us, and it finally came to me.
It came to me while I was thinking about my very first internet story to be released, the Stargate Aurora series. I had thought about how it had found its way to its own forum in the first place, and I remembered. I created this forum because I wanted an independent fan fiction that stood out with a home of its own. People told me, "post it on other fan fiction websites," and I disagreed because I didn't want to be that grain in the sand, I wanted to be an independent, to run my own site, call my own shots, and it was fun. But this website has turned from a small and simple hub for one fan fiction series, to a slowly growing hub for writers who want their stories heard.
So, for you all, the fans of the Sci-Fi Network, I have hereby begun advertising our site on [url]fanfiction.net[/url]. I will start on the twentieth, because there is a probation period before you can post, but I will be posting Stargate Andromeda.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a last ditch effort for attention, this isn't a simple plan, I'm not gonna lie, this is an all out assault! This website will be known through the right channels, the right way.
I urge anyone who is interested, to post their fan fiction here, post it on fanfiction.net, and leave a link to your fanfic here, so others (like Mathyos, JohnSheppard, I, and the other writers who may join this website), can have a chance to show our skills with you. It's a growing tree. If one person finds this site and likes what they see, they'll tell someone else, then they'll like what they see and tell others, and it will go on and on hopefully.
So please, if you are willing, please help by registering at www.fanfiction.net , and getting your story out there with us!
Thank you, all.
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Some Publicity
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