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 Written and Illustrated Work Hosted and Produced by Studio Night Flight

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PostSubject: Written and Illustrated Work Hosted and Produced by Studio Night Flight   Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:21 pm

ALL written and illustrated work falls under this section.
Any stories released by any members or guests (if original) are the soul property of the one who has created them, and are not owned by Studio Night Flight in any way (if they are not the soul owner of said studio). Any fan fiction series' or short stories are acknowledged as partially (and I use partially VERY loosely) the property of the writer, in the sense that all original characters and stories are the property of the writer, where as the general building blocks of the fan fiction, IE, the original series' or stories they are based off of, are the absolute soul property of their original creators and the studios or publishers they belong to, respectively.
Studio Night Flight will NOT become legally involved in ANY lawsuit or legal dispute between one of its guests/members in ANY way. Studio Night Flight is NOT responsible for ANY of the written work that is posted. The one who posts the story is COMPLETELY responsible for any repercussions to follow the posting of their story.
The allocation of freely written and uncensored work is a large part of Studio Night Flight, but if this work should perpetuate and racial or religious stereotypes or hate, or otherwise, they will immediately be removed and the writer will be punished. Please keep your work free of constriction, but also keep it classy. You do not need these kinds of things to make your story shine.
Should any member/guest feel that their work has been stolen, altered, or plagiarized in any way, please contact Nathan Smith (Lewis Green). If the act of plagiarism is of a registered and original work, we suggest that you contact any legal forces you have.
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Written and Illustrated Work Hosted and Produced by Studio Night Flight
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