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 Starship Voyager

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Dr. Rodney Mckay

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PostSubject: Starship Voyager   Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:48 am

It's hard finding time and inspiration for Zero Hour at the moment - so to fill in - I give you this short BSG turned Star Trek spoof Razz


The Borg were created by Man.
They were created to make life easier in the Federation.
And then the day came when the Borg decided to kill their masters.
After a long and bloody struggle, an armistice was declared.
The Borg left for another world to call their own in the Delta Quadrant.
A remote space station was built...
...where Borg and Human could meet and maintain diplomatic relations.
Every year, Starfleet sends an officer.
The Borg send no one.
No one has seen or heard from the Borg in over forty years......

He opened his eyes. As though only moments ago, he remembered being on Deep Space Armistice Station, but now he was clamped down on an electronic table which stood vertically. The lights, the ambiance, it was dark, it was green, and something definatly wasn’t right.
“Where am I?!” He called out down the passageway which was behind the yellow tinted forcefield which sealed the chamber he was in. “My name is Jean-Luc Picard of the United Federation of-“ he was cut off by one voice which sounded like the voice of millions put together.
“WE ARE THE BORG, YOUR SPECIES HAS BEEN CHOSEN FOR MAXIMUM EXTINCTION, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.” The very words made Picard shudder. After forty years, the Borg had returned. But Maximum Extinction, what does it mean? Are they going to kill them, like they tried to once before? It would be impossible, defenses are in place to prevent such a large scale attack. But Jean-Luc had to focus on warning the Federation. But it was too late. Two cybernetic beings entered the chamber and began work turning him into a Borg-Human Hybrid….

Lightyears away, aboard the Federation Starship Voyager, Captain Chakotay, CO of the Voyager, was pacing through his ship in the process of constructing a speech for the ship’s decommisioning ceremony which was due to take place later that day. Passing by the Officer’s quarters, he was pulled away from his speech by Operations Officer, Ayala.
“Ah, Ensign Ayala, Good Luck on your new assignment.” Chakotay said to him, looking up from his speech.
“Thank You sir, and…it’s been an honour to serve with you, sir” Replied Ayala.
“The honour was mine, lieutenant.” Chakotay saluted him, to which he returned, before returning to his stroll round the ship, while some distance away, Federation Colony Cruiser 288 was docking with Voyager. On board, was the Starfleet Academy representative on the Federation Council, Kathryn Janeway. Chakotay was informed of this by the intercom which boomed across the ship. Instead of heading to his quarters, he then diverted to the Bridge.
When turbolift doors opened, he was instantly greeted by the ship’s XO, Tom Paris. Chakotay immediately thought that he needed a shave, but Paris had something to say as he waved a piece of paper in his face. “Chakotay, we got this communication a few minutes ago, apparently the check-in from armistice station has been delayed and we should go check it out.”
Chakotay sighed and didn’t give his decision a second thought, “I think it’s safe to leave it until after the ceremony, don’t you?” He clapped him on the shoulder and continued his walk round Deck 1 while finishing up the speech. Nearby was Chakotay’s top pilot, Lieutenant Stadi, who was in the process of jogging past several guests aboard the ship.
“Make a hole!” She shouted, in order for them to make room for her to pass. They did so and the tour guide gave a quick “hello” as she passed – although she didn’t get a good look at him.

With everyone now fully prepared, dressed and up-to-date, several federation fighters speed overhead, visible to the attendants of the ceremony through the open shuttlebay doors. Once they have made their pass, Chakotay took to the podium, to the thunderous applause of all in the bay. From the front, he could spot most of his crew, plus Kathryn Janeway and her assistant, Alex. His speech involved the faults of humanity and also advantages the Borg once had over them. But also, the reasons for the first Borg war in the first place, not many people took to this nicely, but it was still heard by everyone present.
Chakotay met with Kathryn after the main ceremony had ended, in his quarters.
“I’m sure the president will be quite interested to hear what you had to say when he is shown the broadcast.” She told him.
“I’m sure he will be. But it shouldn’t be anything he doesn’t know already, it’s the truth.” The captain replied.
She partially agreed with him but was forced to rush as her ship would soon be departing back to Earth. He wished her a safe journey as she left the room. He now had the job of finishing up misplaced paper work.

On Earth herself, Dr. Zimmerman was panicing over the startling revelation that his wife-to-be had just thrown upon him. She was a Borg Agent. All these months she had been with him, he could never have expected how this was possible. Well he could, but he really didn’t care as long as she was at home for him to get back to at night. Now that he thought about it, she had unlimited access to his work virtually 24/7. And he had important work. All the codes, the commands, the locations – all for Earth’s defenses and it’s ships. He argued with her and tried to justify his position as ‘not being involved.’ But she talked him out of it – she always talked him out of it. Before long, a large explosion ripped across San Fransisco – clearly visible outside his window.
“My Gods….” Before he had a chance to run, the modified Borg grabbed him, thrust him to his knees and said “Get Down.” At that moment, the explosion destroyed his home. ..


Stargate Zero Hour: Saving Elizabeth Weir!
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PostSubject: Re: Starship Voyager   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:01 am

Interesting, I like it Smile
Normally, I'm not a fan of crossovers, but this one was pretty cool. Do you plan to expand on it? Because, as you know, the site gets a bit of a drought here and there with writing material, so if you want a section devoted to this, just tell me and I'll get on it Smile
Can't wait to see what's next!
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Starship Voyager
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