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 Angels & Demons (Dan Brown)

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PostSubject: Angels & Demons (Dan Brown)   Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:08 pm

I finished one of two books at the beginning of this summer, the first of which was Angels & Demons, written by Dan Brown.
After watching the recently released movie, I told myself I had to read this novel, so I did. This was a very interesting thriller book. I've never really read anything fictional that was so heavily tied into religion. Plus, being a science fiction buff, there was antimatter Smile
Basically, the story of Angels & Demons goes like this. After a physicist at CERN is murdered and a canister containing a ever-so-small piece of antimatter is stolen, Professor Robert Langdon is called in to assist in getting back the antimatter and stopping an ancient society from destroying Vatican City with said antimatter, the Illuminati.
Langdon is a very successful (and controversial) professor of religious symbolism, making him the greatest asset to the Catholic Church and the Vatican Police, not to mention the greatest threat to the Illuminati-extremists.
This was a thrilling and even interestingly educational novel. I'd definitely recommend it Smile
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Angels & Demons (Dan Brown)
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