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 Stargate: Aurora Hiatus 3/7/08

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Cameron Mitchell
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PostSubject: Stargate: Aurora Hiatus 3/7/08   Fri Mar 07, 2008 6:04 pm

Well, it's been actually fun for me this season believe it or not, so I hope that you all had as much fun reading the episodes as I did writing them. Very Happy (mmm... corny...)
Anywho, Stargate: Aurora is now on Hiatus, but stay tuned for Stargate Hathos, and tell your friends about us, we REALLY need the publicity Razz
I'll announce when the Hiatus is up once I know the date Stargate Atlantis season 5's primere happens, so until then, I salute you all who have stuck with us through this first season.
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Stargate: Aurora Hiatus 3/7/08
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